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Slide VisionVoice We are a virtual community and culture builder on mission to transform and grow human communities around the world. We are committed to promoting diversity through the inclusion of marginalized & underrepresented peoples in ways that are equitable and sustainable over time.

Core values

  1. Purpose: Commitment and fidelity to making a meaningful contribution to the world
  2. Honesty: Telling, and not hiding, the truth
  3. Grit: Passion, perseverance, and resilience for achieving long-term goals
  4. Proactivity: Strength of will to take initiative and innovate
  5. Intellectual Humility: Recognizing that our knowledge base is dynamic and always evolving


Through mentorship, computer science, mathematics, problem solving, logic and software engineering lessons & workshops with professional software engineers, female BIPOC students gain software engineering fundamental skills and abilities, further develop their interest in software engineering, aspire to successful careers as software engineers while building key transferable & functional skills that they will require as professionals.

Middle school

High school




Mentor with us

We will match you with a middle school, high school or junior engineer scholar mentee!

Folks looking for a career

Hire with us

We will host a company specific Access2Tech virtual session with our candidates for you!

Books and a graduation hat

Learn with us

We will match you with a software engineer mentor who will support your growth and develop as an engineer!