Software Engineering Initiative


VisionVoice, Inc.​ connects startups, who are seeking to diversify their engineering teams to a qualified pool of female Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) software engineers, who are seeking access to sustainable careers in tech. VisionVoice, Inc. is a N​ew York University Entrepreneurial Institute​ startup. Learn more about VisionVoice, Inc. by contacting our CEO & Founder, ​Dessa Shepherd.​


Through an organization specific Access2Tech session hosted by VisionVoice, Inc., we connect interested startups orgs to our pool of ​50+​ qualified female BIPOC software engineer candidates who are seeking internships for the ​Summer 2021 ​and​ Fall 2021 ​internship cycles. Our candidates are Undergraduate students who are majoring in Computer Science AND career changers who have graduated from Bootcamps/Software Engineering Fellowships who are seeking their first real world paid experience in tech. During the virtual session between our candidates and your startup, you will have an opportunity to share about your startup’s mission, the software engineering internship opportunity, see our candidates demo their projects and more. Your recruiters/hiring team will also be able to screen candidates that interest them during and/or after the session for internships and/or full time software engineer opportunities. Further, after the virtual session, we will match software engineers working on your engineering teams with additional members of our female BIPOC students & bootcamp grads via our structured mentorship program to grow your startup’s access to our diverse pipeline & your social impact via mentoring!

Candidate profile

All of our candidates possess ​strong ​transferable and functional skills​ such as communication, collaboration (ability to work well with others to achieve goals), problem solving, grit (that ​Passion, Perseverance, and Resilience for achieving long-term goals)​, proactivity (the ability to take initiative and innovate) as well as the following ​Technical Skills​:

  • Languages include, but are not limited to Javascript, Python, CSS, HTML
  • Frameworks/Libraries: ​React, React Hooks, Rails
  • Databases: SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Version Control: ​Git, GitHub
  • Tools: ​VS Code, Node.js

Contact ​Dessa Shepherd, CEO & Founder of VisionVoice, Inc.via email: ​ OR ​schedule an appointment today: ​